Save Time and Money

  • Carry out as much of your personal banking as possible with us.
  • Where possible, use Telephone or Internet Banking, ATMs, EFTPOS, automatic payments or direct debits. Electronic transactions save time and generally cost less than writing cheques or coming into the branch.
  • If you're paying by EFTPOS, remember to get cash out at the same time as your purchase. You will only pay a fee for one transaction.
  • Use your ATM/EFTPOS card to obtain cash through the ATM network.
  • If borrowing, think about what's important to you - to pay off debt quickly or to keep payments as low as possible. Develop a budget or talk to a consultant from your local branch about what you can afford before committing yourself to a loan.
  • Make sure you have arranged the most convenient, cost effective banking accounts for your lifestyle. When choosing your accounts, it's important to think about the services you use the most: money machines, EFTPOS, cheques, Telephone or Internet Banking. You may have money sitting in an account that could move to your current account and avoid transaction fees by maintaining the minimum account balance.

Refer to Fee Exemptions for more information.

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