Digital Services Terms and Conditions

  1. What these terms and conditions explain
    1. These terms and conditions contain information about The Co-operative Bank's Digital Services. They set out our responsibilities, your responsibilities and how we can tell you about changes. By using Digital Services, you agree that these terms and conditions apply to you and that you will comply with them when using our Digital Services.
    2. Clause 6 and 7 set out information about protecting your Customer Number, Password and mobile App PIN. Please read these clauses. We are not liable for any loss you suffer if you fail to comply with clauses 6 and 7 and do not keep your information secure.
  2. Terms we use

    In these terms and conditions:

    Account and Accounts means all accounts you have with us that we determine can be accessed using Digital Services.
    Alerts means the optional Alert service we provide through the mobile App to update you about important information to do with your Accounts.
    Business Day means between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and between the hours of 9:30am and 5:00pm on a Tuesday, except on a public holiday in the area where your branch is situated.
    Customer Number is the identification number you are allocated by us (this may also be known as a member number).
    Device includes a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
    Digital Services means, as the context requires, Internet Banking and the mobile App.
    Internet Banking means the service that allows you to access our services through the internet by using your Customer Number, a Password selected by you and, where applicable, the tokencode produced by your SafeKey token.
    Mobile App means the facility that allows you to access our services through an application for mobile phones and other Devices. You can access the mobile App by using your Customer Number, your Internet Banking Password and a mobile App PIN selected for your Device by you.
    Mobile App PIN means the personal identification number you select to access the mobile App.
    Password means the password you select when you first register for Internet Banking.
    PIN means the personal identification number allocated to you for initial registration for Internet Banking or Telephone Banking.
    SafeKey token means a device that you can request from us, which produces a tokencode - a one off 6-digit number generated every 60 seconds.
    Telephone Banking means our telephone banking service. The terms and conditions for Telephone Banking are set out in our general terms and conditions.
    Us, our and we means The Co-operative Bank Limited.
    You means a customer of The Co-operative Bank holding an Account or Accounts with us who has accepted these terms and conditions. Where there is more than one person on any Account, you means each person jointly and severally.
  3. Relationship between Digital Services and other terms and conditions
    1. If you register for any Digital Service, you agree that these terms and conditions and our general terms and conditions available at apply to you. You should read both terms and conditions together.
    2. If a term in our general terms and conditions is inconsistent with this document, the Digital Services terms and conditions will apply.
  4. Availability of Digital Services
    1. Our Digital Services are intended to be available 24 hours, seven days a week. However, from time to time, we can change the availability of Digital Services without telling you, including for maintenance purposes. We do not accept any liability for anything that might happen if any Digital Service is not available at any given time. We can decide what Digital Services' functions are available, and these may change depending on the Device used to access Digital Services.
    2. The mobile App is provided by Google or Apple, depending on the operating system used on your Device. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a malfunction or unavailability of the mobile App to the extent that it is the fault of Google or Apple.
  5. Registration and access to Digital Services
    1. To register for any Digital Service, you must:
      1. open or already hold an Account with us that is compatible with Internet Banking; and
      2. be over 7 years of age (unless clause 9.8 applies).
    2. By registering for and using our Digital Services you authorise us to do what you tell us with your Accounts. Once you are registered as a user of Digital Services, you can start using the Digital Service in accordance with these terms and conditions.

      Registering for Internet Banking
    3. If you have Telephone Banking, you can use your Customer Number and Telephone Banking PIN to set up a Password. When you have set a Password, you can register for our Internet Banking or the mobile App. If you don't have Telephone Banking, you first must obtain a PIN from us to register for Internet Banking.

      Registering for the mobile App
    4. If you want to register for the mobile App, you need to:
      1. download and install the mobile App from Google Play or the iTunes store (depending on the operating system on your Device);
      2. open the mobile App;
      3. carefully read our Digital Services terms and conditions before selecting ‘I agree';
      4. type in your Customer Number, Telephone Banking PIN and/or Internet Banking Password in the login;
      5. set a mobile App PIN so you can access the mobile App from your Device;
      6. start banking.

      If you want to be able to view your accounts without having to enter your mobile App PIN each time, set the mobile App to 'bypass PIN mode'.
  6. Security
    1. Security is very important when using our Digital Services. By selecting ‘I agree' to these terms and conditions in our Digital Services you agree that:
      1. your Password and/or mobile App PIN is your own confidential key to access our Digital Services and you will memorise your Password and/or mobile App PIN;
      2. your Password is a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 characters, with at least one number and one letter;
      3. your mobile App PIN is a four digit number that you have selected in accordance with clause 6.2(a);
      4. you are solely liable for the security of your Customer Number, Password and mobile App PIN and you have taken reasonable care to protect each of them from becoming known to any other person (including family, police, or our staff);
      5. you are liable for, and will take reasonable care to protect, each Device you use to access our Digital Service from loss or theft;
      6. you will check your Account records carefully and will advise us of any error or unauthorised transaction;
      7. you will regularly download updates to your Device's operating system software;
      8. you will advise us if any details of your Device become known to anyone; and
      9. you will advise us if your Device is lost or stolen.
    2. You agree that you will not:
      1. choose a Password or a mobile App PIN that contains:
        1. the date of your birthday; or
        2. your telephone number; or
        3. any other obvious information about yourself (e.g. driver's licence number, locker number or other numbers easily connected with you); or
        4. family, pet or street names; or
        5. obvious or sequential numbers such as 1234 or 1111; or
        6. something you use for any other purpose.
      2. tell other people your Password and/or mobile App PIN (including family, police or our staff);
      3. write your Password and/or mobile App PIN down;
      4. leave your Device unattended when logged into Digital Services;
      5. keep the Password and/or mobile App PIN in a file on your Device, including in a text message or in an email;
      6. allow anyone to see, record or have the opportunity to see or record your Password and/or mobile App PIN when you enter it on a Device;
      7. log into Internet Banking using a link from an email (even if it looks like an email from us); or
      8. allow anyone else to make transactions using Digital Services or allow anyone else to access your Accounts using Digital Services (including by leaving a Device unattended while logged into Internet Banking or using the mobile App).
    3. You can change your Digital Services Password and/or mobile App PIN at any time. If you believe that any security information has been compromised or are aware of any unauthorised use of your Accounts through Digital Services you must immediately change your Password and/or mobile App PIN and notify us.
  7. Your liability and our liability
    1. You are liable for all your telecommunication and internet service provider costs associated with operating your Device, web browser and email services, including any costs associated with use of Digital Services or Alerts.
    2. Except as set out in clause 7.3, you are not liable for transactions made on any Account by any unauthorised person. We will reimburse any direct losses that you suffer as a result of internet banking fraud as set out in our Internet Banking promise, which you can read here
    3. If you have caused or contributed to a loss (e.g. by failing to comply with any of these terms and conditions relating to security or by acting fraudulently or by using a Device or network that you know is unsafe), you will be liable for all losses arising from:
      1. the use of your Customer Number, Password, mobile App PIN and, if applicable, your SafeKey token; and/or
      2. unauthorised transactions occurring before we are told that:
        1. your Customer Number, Password and mobile App PIN have been compromised; and/or
        2. your SafeKey token (where you have one) has been lost, damaged or stolen.
    4. In the circumstances described in 7.3, your maximum liability will be the smaller of:
      1. the actual loss at the time you tell us of the events listed in 7.3(b); and
      2. the maximum amount that you would have been entitled to withdraw from your Account between the time your Customer Number, Password and/or mobile App PIN was compromised and/or your SafeKey token was lost, damaged or stolen and the time you told us of the events listed in clause 7.3(b).
    5. We are not liable for any loss in the circumstances described in 7.3. Once you have told us of the events listed in clause 7.3(b) you will not be liable for any unauthorised use of your Customer Number, Password, mobile App PIN and/or SafeKey token after that point.
    6. We are not liable for any loss or damage:
      1. in the circumstances where we say we are not liable in these terms and conditions;
      2. in the circumstances where we say that you are liable in these terms and conditions;
      3. caused by or resulting from any delay in receiving, or any failure to receive, any monies paid under an instruction received through Digital Services.
    7. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the information you provide to us when setting up, amending, deleting or paying payees (including regular bill payments) or automatic payments is accurate.
  8. Access to Accounts
    1. Digital Services may only be available for some Accounts that we say (at our discretion) you can have access to. You are responsible for your Accounts and you agree that you will not let anyone else access them through Digital Services.
    2. If your Customer Number, Password or mobile App PIN and, where you have a SafeKey token with Internet Banking, the tokencode produced by your SafeKey token, is used by any person (with or without your authority), we:
      1. can permit that person to access your Accounts; and
      2. can act on any instruction relating to your Accounts by that person, whether or not you have authorised that instruction.
    3. For this reason it is very important that you notify us as soon as you become aware that there is a risk that someone may make an unauthorised instruction in respect of your Accounts.
  9. Making payments using Digital Services
    1. We will not accept a transaction made through a Digital Service until we have processed the request and let you know that we have accepted it. We can accept payments and process transactions on any day (whether or not it is a Business Day).
    2. We can decline any transaction using Digital Services if you don't have enough funds in your Account to complete the transaction.

      Timing of Payments
    3. We will try to make all payments you request through Digital Services in a timely manner. We accept no liability if we refuse to, or do not, or are late to process any payment instructions. We accept no liability for the accuracy of the information you supply to us when:
      1. you set up, change or delete the payee details;
      2. you select an entity with pre-registered payee details (e.g. your power company) for bill payments; and/or
      3. when we issue or process payment instructions.
      Daily Limits
    4. Your maximum daily transaction limit for:
      1. the mobile App and Internet Banking (without a SafeKey token) is $5,000;
      2. Internet Banking if you have an active SafeKey token is $50,000; and
      3. an automatic payment is $2,000.
      If you don't have a SafeKey token, but were registered for Internet Banking before 20 April 2008, a daily transaction limit of up to $10,000 may apply.

      Bill payments
    5. You can make bill payments through our Digital Services. We can only pay a bill payee if they agree to receive payment from you through Internet Banking. A bill payment or payee set up for Telephone Banking is automatically set up for Digital Services.

      Payment Functionality
    6. With the mobile App you can:
      1. set up, amend or delete bill payments; and
      2. make one off payments.
      With Internet Banking you can do all of the above and you can also can set up, amend or delete automatic payments.
    7. If you want to reduce the risk of someone making a significant unauthorised payment without your permission, disable the ‘establish bill payee online' function, and reduce the maximum daily transaction limit of transactions. You can reduce the maximum daily transaction limit by calling us on 0800 554 554.

      Digital Services for under 7 year olds
    8. Children under 7 may register for Digital Services. He or she will not be able to make any transactions or set up any regular bill payees. All other features of Digital Services are available to them. Children over 7 years old but under 18 years old may make transactions or set up bill payees on any accounts that their parent or guardian has given them authority.
      The adult signatory to the child's Account can have full access to his or her Account through the mobile App.
  10. Changes
    We can change these terms and conditions at any time. A change will take effect after we notify you about the change in any way we think is appropriate (e.g. publishing it on our website). You should check our website on a regular basis to see the latest terms and conditions which apply to your use of Digital Services.
  11. Interest rates, fees and charges
    1. You agree to pay any transaction, service fee or charge relating to Digital Services. We will debit any fee or charge from the Account for which the transaction is made.
    2. Digital Services transactions are also subject to all conditions, fees and charges applying to our services in our general terms and conditions, at the time of the transaction, except where a fee exemption applies.
    3. You authorise us to debit your respective Accounts for the amount of any fees and charges and any government taxes or charges payable on transactions made through Digital Services. You can read more about our here.
  12. SafeKey token usage
    1. Some customers may have a SafeKey token to use to log onto Internet Banking. SafeKey tokens can be requested through your local branch and remain our property.
    2. If you want to transfer over $5,000, you will need to use the tokencode produced by your SafeKey token to make payments over $5,000 through Internet Banking.
    3. If you have a SafeKey token, you must take reasonable care of it and keep it secure from access by anyone else. You must not let any other person use your SafeKey token. If you lose or damage your SafeKey token, or it is stolen, you must immediately notify us. We may charge you to replace a SafeKey token.
  13. Use of images within Digital Services
    1. If you add an image to the mobile App, you agree that:
      1. you own the image and/or have the legal right to use the image; and
      2. use of the image will not breach any person's intellectual property rights.
    2. You agree that you will not use an image that we might consider offensive or that reveals personal information that could compromise your security. 13.3 All information displayed in the Digital Services is protected by copyright. You may not use any trademark in the Digital Services without the prior written consent of us, or the relevant trade mark or copyright owner. 13.4 You indemnify us for any loss we incur as a result of your breach of this clause 13.
  14. Alerts
    1. Alerts for failed payments and other information can be sent by us to your Device through the mobile App. Alerts are only available for Accounts approved by us for mobile App use and set up with Alerts (which is done through the settings for your Device). You may also from time to time receive Alerts for other information that we think is important.
    2. You agree to tell us as soon as possible if you think that there is an error or discrepancy relating to Alerts or any information provided by Alerts. You also agree to immediately advise us of any unauthorised transactions or activity on your Account that you become aware of through Alerts.
    3. We do not accept liability for any use that you or anyone else may make of any data or information provided through or in relation to Alerts.
    4. Receipt of Alerts may be delayed for reasons beyond our control. We will not be liable for:
      1. losses because an alert is delayed or not delivered; or
      2. any inaccurate information in an Alerts.
    5. We may stop your access to Alerts without telling you. We do not accept any liability for any loss you may suffer if we do this.
  15. Loaded card terms and conditions
    Loaded Everyday Terms and Conditions are located under the Terms and Conditions tab on our main website menu.
  16. Cancellation
    1. You can cancel your access to our Digital Services by using the online cancellation option on Internet Banking (or by contacting your branch in person or in writing). This will remove your access to all Digital Services so if you cancel Internet Banking, the mobile App will no longer work. Until we cancel your Digital Service, you will remain liable for any transactions made on your Account through Digital Services.
    2. We can suspend or cancel your Internet Banking access without telling you for any reason, including:
      1. your death;
      2. your bankruptcy; and
      3. any breach of these terms and conditions.
    3. You can cancel your use of the mobile App by deleting and uninstalling the mobile App from all your Devices. If you download the mobile App again in the future, you will have to re-enter your Password and Customer Number and select a new mobile App PIN for your Device.