Terms and conditions

Your use of Internet Banking is to be in accordance with these terms and conditions which are in addition to those terms and conditions applying to this website and those that already apply to customers of The Co-operative Bank and the Account(s) you have access to via Internet Banking.

These terms and conditions explain:

  • Your rights, responsibilities and obligations once you have registered for Internet Banking.
  • Your authority to The Co-operative Bank to act as instructed with your Account(s).
  • Important information on:
    • the use of Internet Banking;
    • the security of your password and, if you have one, your SafeKey token;
    • the cancellation of your Internet Banking facility.
  • The extent of your potential liability for loss using Internet Banking.
  • The responsibilities and obligations of The Co-operative Bank as the provider of Internet Banking.


means any customer of The Co-operative Bank.
"The Co-operative Bank"
means The Co-operative Bank Limited.
means the personal identification number allocated to you.
"Internet Banking"
means the facility whereby you access services of The Co-operative Bank via the Internet using your customer number, a password selected by you and, where applicable, the tokencode produced by your SafeKey token.
"Account" and "Accounts"
mean all accounts associated with you on which The Co-operative Bank has agreed an Internet Banking facility may apply.
means an entity which you have elected to make bill payments to using Internet Banking.
"Pre-Registered Payee"
means an entity that has pre-registered its payment details with The Co-operative Bank, to facilitate Customers making bill payments to that entity using Internet Banking.
"Non-Pre-Registered Payee"
means a Payee which is not a Pre-Registered Payee.
"SafeKey token"
means a device provided to you by The Co-operative Bank, which produces a tokencode - a one-time 6-digit number generated every 60 seconds.
means a computer, tablet or mobile.


If you are an existing Telephone Banking customer, you can use your Telephone Banking PIN to register for Internet Banking. If you are not an existing Telephone Banking customer, you must obtain a PIN from The Co-operative Bank by applying for access to Internet Banking.

If you wish, you may also obtain a SafeKey token as an added measure of security for accessing Internet Banking. SafeKey tokens can be obtained by contacting The Co-operative Bank. SafeKey tokens issued by The Co-operative Bank remain The Co-operative Bank's property.

Password and security

After application and issue of a PIN for initial access to Internet Banking, you will be prompted to select a password as part of your registration for Internet Banking. Once you have selected your Internet Banking password, you will need to use this with your customer number to access Internet Banking in the future. If you have obtained a SafeKey token you will also need to use the tokencode produced by your SafeKey token to access Internet Banking.

Your password is your own confidential key to access Internet Banking. The password you choose must be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 characters. There must be at least one alpha and one numeric character. It must not:

  • relate to any known personal information about yourself eg birthday, telephone number, or include obvious or sequential numbers such as 54321;
  • be the same as any password that you use for any other purpose.

You must not disclose your password to anyone else, including family or staff of The Co-operative Bank, nor write it down, nor keep it in a file on your device, nor allow anyone to see it or record it or have the opportunity to see it or record it when you enter it on a device. You are solely responsible for the security of your customer number and password, including the device you use to access Internet Banking and you must take reasonable care to protect them from becoming known to any other person.

You may change, and are encouraged to change, your Internet Banking password at any time. You must immediately change your password and notify The Co-operative Bank if you believe that the security of your customer number and password has been compromised or you become aware of any unauthorised use of them. These provisions relating to security of your Internet Banking password also apply to your PIN.

If you have obtained a SafeKey token you must take reasonable care of it and keep it secure from access by anyone else. You must not let any other person use your SafeKey token. If you lose or damage your SafeKey token or it is stolen you must immediately notify The Co-operative Bank. The Co-operative Bank may charge you to replace a SafeKey token.

Account(s) Accessed

An Internet Banking facility may only be used by the Customer(s) on whose Account(s) the facility is approved. In no event shall you permit any other person to use Internet Banking in respect of your Account(s).

In the case of joint accounts or any other account involving more than one party or requiring the signature of more than one party then, notwithstanding any agreements to the contrary:

  • your liability shall be joint, and several; and
  • any transactions on the account or other accounts by the use of the Internet Banking facility will be as valid as if all necessary authorised signatories had requested such transactions.

Each signatory to a joint account will have their own customer number, password and, if desired, a SafeKey token, and so you are not to permit the other signatories to use them.

If your customer number, password and, where you have a SafeKey token, the tokencode produced by your SafeKey token are used by any person (whether with your authority or otherwise), The Co-operative Bank:

  • can permit that person to access your Accounts; and
  • is entitled to act on any instruction relating to your Accounts which is issued by that person, whether or not you have authorised the instruction.


The Co-operative Bank shall not be deemed to have accepted the Internet Banking transaction until The Co-operative Bank has processed the request and confirmed to you that the transaction has been accepted.

The Co-operative Bank reserves the right to decline any particular request for transactions using Internet Banking where there are insufficient funds to complete the transaction.

While The Co-operative Bank may (at its discretion) accept instruction(s) from you to set up bill payments to Non-Pre-Registered Payees, those instructions are subject to the relevant Payee(s) agreeing to receive payment via Internet Banking.

Internet Banking is intended to be available for use 24 hours, seven days a week or at such times as The Co-operative Bank shall from time to time determine. The Co-operative Bank reserves the right to vary the availability of Internet Banking without giving notice and does not accept any responsibility should the facility not be available.

Available functions of Internet Banking will be determined by The Co-operative Bank, and may vary depending on the device used to access Internet Banking.

You can elect whether or not to enable the additional functionality of Internet Banking for Accounts where these services are available. This additional functionality will allow you to establish Payees online to make bill payments to, make one-off payments, and establish automatic payments, on your Internet Banking facility.

Automatic payments that are established or amended via Internet Banking can only be for amounts of up to $2,000 for each automatic payment. Automatic payments that are for more than $2,000 may be established or increased, subject to approval from The Co-operative Bank at a branch of The Co-operative Bank.

A daily transaction limit can be nominated and may be up to $50,000 if you have an active SafeKey or $5000.00 if you don’t have an active SafeKey. This includes transfers to other customers’ accounts, but does not include any automatic payments made to another customer’s account or an external bank account.

If you don’t have a SafeKey, but were an existing customer who had Internet Banking prior to the additional functionality being introduced on 20 April 2008, a daily transaction limit of up to $10,000 may apply.

If no daily transaction limit is or has been nominated, The Co-operative Bank will set a default limit of $5000.00.

You can reduce the risk of loss from unauthorised use of your Accounts by disabling the establish Payee online function, or reducing the daily limit on the value of transactions.


You will remain liable for all transactions made on any Account(s) by any unauthorised person or persons, including loss suffered by other persons, if you act fraudulently or negligently, either alone or together with any other person.

If you have caused or contributed to the loss (for example by failing to comply with any of these terms and conditions of use and, in particular, the conditions relating to passwords and security), you will be liable for all loss arising from:

  • the use of your customer number, password and, if applicable, your SafeKey token; and
  • unauthorised transactions occurring before The Co-operative Bank is notified that:
    • your customer number and password have been compromised; and/or
    • your SafeKey token (where you have one) has been lost, damaged or stolen.

In such a case, your maximum liability will be the lesser of:

  • the actual loss at the time of notification; or
  • the maximum amount that you would have been entitled to withdraw from your Account between the time your customer number and password were compromised and/or your SafeKey token was lost, damaged or stolen and the time you notified The Co-operative Bank.

The Co-operative Bank is not responsible or liable for any loss in such circumstances. Once you have notified The Co-operative Bank you will not be responsible for any unauthorised use of your customer number, password, and SafeKey token after that time.

The Co-operative Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by or resulting from:

  • the use or attempted use of, or the reliance by any person on, the Internet Banking facility; or
  • any delay in receipt or non-receipt of monies remitted in terms of an instruction received through the Internet Banking facility.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that the information you provide to us when establishing, amending, deleting or paying Payees is accurate. The Co-operative Bank accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information you supply to The Co-operative Bank when establishing, amending, deleting or paying Payees, including if you select an incorrect Pre-Registered Payee or enter an incorrect account number for a Non-Pre-Registered Payee.


You can cancel your Internet Banking access using the online cancellation facility or by contacting your branch in person or in writing. You will remain responsible for any transactions made on your account via Internet Banking until cancellation is effected by The Co-operative Bank.

The Co-operative Bank can suspend or cancel your Internet Banking access without prior notice for, but not limited to:

  • death
  • bankruptcy
  • any breach of these terms and conditions of use.

If your Internet Banking access is cancelled and you have a SafeKey token, you must return your SafeKey token to The Co-operative Bank.

Interest rates, fees and charges

You agree to pay any transaction, service fees or charges relating to the provision of the Internet Banking facility. The Co-operative Bank will debit these fees or charges from the account in which the transaction is made from.

Internet Banking transactions are also subject to all conditions, fees and charges applying to specific services of The Co-operative Bank, at the time of the transaction, except where an exemption of the fee applies.

You authorise The Co-operative Bank to debit your respective account(s) for the amount of any fees and charges of The Co-operative Bank and any Government taxes or charges payable on transactions that may apply and which may vary from time to time made through Internet Banking.

Variation of terms and conditions

The Co-operative Bank reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time. A variation will take effect following publication of the variation (or the revised terms and conditions) by whatever means The Co-operative Bank deems appropriate, which may include publishing an advice on The Co-operative Bank website. You should check this website on a regular basis to see the latest terms and conditions which apply to your use of Internet Banking.

Loaded card terms and conditions

Loaded Everyday Terms and Conditions are located under the Terms and Conditions tab on our main website menu.

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