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Google Analytics

The Co-operative Bank also uses Google Analytics (a Google product) to collect anonymous traffic data on the use of our website. No personally identifiable information is collected by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics uses "cookies" (see explanation below) to collect this information. The Google Analytics code is not included on any of our secure online banking screens. The anonymous traffic data is provided to Google by Google Analytics. We then use Google Analytics to see aggregated information about the use of our website, such as the time and date of visits and how users navigate around our website. This information allows us to improve the services we offer as we can measure how effective our website is.

For more information about Google Analytics click here, and for details of Google’s privacy Policy click here.


A cookie is a small text file of information about your use of a website that can be stored on your computer when you visit a website. It allows the web server to understand your preferences when you next visit the website. If you disable the use of cookies on your computer it may affect the way the website displays.

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