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Customer Updates

29 May 2015 – Is your Safekey expiring this weekend?

As part of our revamp of our website and internet banking platform, we’re introducing a new security measure for our internet banking customers. It’s called Co-op Safeguard, and it’s a service that monitors our customers’ internet banking activity to identify any unusual transactions. If it identifies something unusual, it will send a verification code to a customer’s registered mobile phone to confirm that the activity is OK.

Over the years, we’ve continually reviewed and improved our internet banking security.

In 2012, we incorporated security monitoring into our internet banking platform, meaning that external security measures, such as SafeKey, were no longer a mandatory requirement to use the service. Some customers are still using the SafeKeys, but with Co-op Safeguard they are no longer needed.

As a result, we are going to stop issuing replacement SafeKeys from 14 May 2015. That means if your SafeKey expires on 31 May 2015, you won’t receive a replacement. We will be updating our digital terms and conditions to incorporate that change.

If you still have a SafeKey and want to dispose of it, bring it into a branch and we’ll take care of that for you. If you’ve got any questions, please talk to someone in the branch or give us a call on 0800 554 554.

We’ll keep you up to date with other improvements to our website and internet banking over the next few months.

31 March 2015 - Our new-look site is here

This week we have launched the first part of our great new public website – that’s the site with everything but internet banking. All the information you need is still there, but we think you’ll find it’s a lot nicer to look at and much easier to navigate. Internet Banking won’t be changing at this time, but in the coming months we’ll be improving internet banking to fit seamlessly with the public website. You’ll be kept fully informed of the changes well before they happen.

16 June 2014 - Change to payment limits

Great news! Advanced new security means our internet banking customers don’t need to use a Safekey for internet banking payments up to $5000*.

We’re introducing some changes to our internet banking security which will make banking more convenient for our customers. These changes include enhancing behind the scenes internet banking monitoring which will help us quickly identify any unusual activity.

This advanced security means that after 1 July, you’ll no longer need to use a Safekey when you make transactions as long as the transaction is for no more than $5000. If you want to make a transaction over $5000 our current rules apply.

*Our Internet Banking Terms and Conditions can be found at www.co-operativebank.co.nz. If you’ve already chosen a daily limit of less than $5,000 that lower daily limit will apply. If you wish to choose a lower daily limit please call your branch on 0800 554 554 or pop in and see us. Does not include automatic payments to other customer accounts or to external bank accounts.

30 April 2014 - Changes to payment deductions on weekends and public holidays

From Monday 28 April 2014 (after Easter/ANZAC Day) all payments due on a weekend or public holiday will be deducted from your account on that weekend/ public holiday. This change affects Automatic Payments, Loan Repayments, Future Payments and Immediate Payments.

We’re making this change to help our customers manage their money better and so payments always go out when you’re expecting them to.

Payments on a weekend or public holiday made between Co-operative Bank accounts will continue to be processed immediately and payments to another bank will be paid to the receiving bank the next business day.

There’s nothing that you need to do as a result of this change but if you do have any questions you can contact your local branch or phone 0800 554 554.

13 February 2013 - Using Your SafeKey on Mobile and Internet Banking

With the arrival of Mobile Banking, you’re now able to bank anywhere, anytime from your smartphone wherever you have Internet access.

Remembering to have your SafeKey with you all the time can be a hassle so for your convenience, while you're on the move, we've removed the need to use your SafeKey token (if you have one). If you normally access Internet Banking with a SafeKey you now have the option not to use it. This means you’ll have access to limited banking services, the same services available through Mobile Banking.

You’ll be able to access:

  • your balances
  • view past transactions
  • transfer between Co-operative Bank accounts
  • make payments to existing payees

If you need to access our full Internet Banking services, such as making a one-off payment or topping up your Loaded Everyday card then you’re required to use your SafeKey.

Rest assured there are no security issues using Mobile or Internet Banking with or without your SafeKey, you still need your password to access your banking.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please call your local branch on 0800 554 554.

Log off each Internet Banking session by clicking "Logout", and always log off before leaving your computer unattended. You will be automatically logged off after 10 minutes of inactivity.